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The general style of programming at the Leadership Learning School traditionally follows an activity-debrief discussion framework while leaving as much as possible open to flexibility. We have found that the most critical area’s of need for any child or group are those that do not follow a standard problem-solution outline, as every individual or groups problems are unique.

For that reason, our program emphasizes allowing the class and discussion to dictate where the conversation or activity might lead to next, allowing our educators the best opportunity to meet the children wherever they are.

Interested in finding a SEL Program to fit your school or aftercare? Call or email us today and see what we can do for you.

These children play the ancient game of tug-of-war. The photo was taken on the day during the festiv


• Teambuilding (TB)
- Practice working with peers to achieve a common goal
- Discuss what makes a good team
- Discover personal strengths and the strengths of others in order to maximize both.
- Exercise clear, effective, and efficient communication

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