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Preparing for Community Changes

Stand-alone program available for transitioning schools and communities

We recently developed and ran a successful program in Jefferson County focusing on preparing the students for upcoming school closures and community transitions. 

This program and curriculum, upon hearing about the forthcoming school changes in JeffCo, was born out of our desire from our own experience to help the kids that we've worked with in the past deal with the inevitable but difficult big changes that come about in life. After its development, it had been suggested to us that other schools and students who are transitioning might benefit and be interested in it as well.

The program is about 1 hour long, and uses our active learning and debrief techniques to discuss the different sides of change and how it affects us (Part 1) and then works through how lucky we are to have our current community, what makes it special, why, and how we can take it to our next one (Part 2). Throughout, there are important "seed" discussion points, applicable transitional movement activities, and poignant debrief wrap-up questions to keep the students engaged, focused and bought-in to the topic at hand. The lesson plan template and layout are attached below, with the full detailed lessons available upon request.

We will be making it available it to any other schools, communities, or organizations with upcoming community changes in a few ways:


1- The program as stand-alone lessons for schools interested in using it through their own educators where they best see fit. As I mentioned, we are happy to share copies of the full lessons for you to check out with your staff before deciding if you would like to purchase and use it. 


2- The program taught by myself or one of our educators in School.  The traditional one-hour long program can be run in a minimum of 40 minutes, and can be run all together, or broken into two, 30-minute lessons.


3- The program taught by myself or one of our educators remotely via Zoom or Google Meet (schools preference). Available to be scheduled at schools convenience. Shortened to one, 40-minute lessons. In addition, there will be two, 10-minute teacher consultations with the educator in the room before and after the program (to be scheduled at educators convenience).


We are hoping to keep costs low enough to get what we think is a very helpful thought exercise, into the hands of as many students as we can, and possibly fit into schools end-of-year budget squeezes. That being said, if you are interested but cannot afford the lesson or teaching program, scholarship opportunities and discounts are available. Our first goal is to positively affect the students who can benefit from it, so please do not hesitate to reach out if there are alternative ways we can do that. 

Our pricing schedule is also included in the Lesson template attached below. 


As mentioned previously, we are happy to send along the lesson for you to take a look at first, discuss it with us and hear about our experience, or adjust the lesson to fit your school's specific goals. 


Thanks so much for considering our program, we work hard at developing them and very much hope they can positively impact the students of our communities lives. Feel free to reach out via phone or email, and hope we speak with one of you soon. 


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