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Preparing for Community Changes

Stand-alone program available for transitioning grade levels, schools, and communities

Elementary to Middle School (5th Grade), Middle School to High School (8th Grade), End of High School (12th Grade)

In 2022 we developed and ran a successful program in Jefferson County focusing on preparing the students for upcoming school closures and community transitions. 

This program and curriculum, upon hearing about the forthcoming school changes in JeffCo, was born out of our desire from our own experience to help the kids that we've worked with in the past deal with the inevitable but difficult big changes that come about in life. After its development, it had been suggested to us that other schools and students who are transitioning might benefit and be interested in it as well.

A few years later, we have run our Community Changes program to over 300 Colorado students in grades 5, 8, and 12 (transitioning grades) who are going through the process of changing schools. Along the way, we have given tangible takeaway thoughts and skills to students (and fellow teachers as well) that can help them manage their emotions, goals, and behaviors, when going through difficult transitions. 

Main lesson takeaways for students:

  • Understanding the power they have over the different sides of change (nervous, excited) 

  • Defining what was important to them and recognizing why it was important, in order to set a goal for their new community

  • Awareness of their ability to manage their own emotions/inner thoughts with their breath

  • Appreciating and generating gratitude for the good things that can cause a difficult goodbye

School Logistics: 

  • 40 to 60 min in length (can be adjusted based on schools schedule)

  • Classroom or Outdoor Setting

  • Necessary school equipment: Whiteboard, Pencils

  • Active learning and debrief techniques used


Thanks so much for considering our program, we work hard at developing them and very much hope they can positively impact the students of our communities lives. Feel free to reach out via phone or email, and hope we speak with one of you soon. 


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