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Why are we different?

Organically built social-emotional curriculum to meet schools and students WHERE THEY ARE!

Personalized like you haven't seen before: Curriculum will be unique and personalized to fit YOUR SCHOOL and EACH INDIVIDUAL CLASS.


We work 1- on -1 with your admin and educators to get consistent feedback, allowing us to change and evolve our curriculum or classroom plans as needed.


Flexible Pricing: Our TRUE goal is to have the greatest impact on the greatest number of students, so we are ALWAYS flexible on costs


Flexible Style: We have no limits on the style of the program. Through our recommendations, each school chooses the subject areas, group goals, and skills to work on that they see as most desired for their community. 


Flexible Logistics: We can work with you weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can use our local educators, your own, or a hybrid of the two. We can build programming with you for individual classes, a whole grade, sports teams, G&T groups, behavior management groups, or school-wide. 


Best Friends

Let us tell you a
little story...

LLC was founded in 2018, by Gus Vuolle, a lifetime educator who got his first exposure and inspiration for SEL and building community while working programs at The Leadership School in Nobleboro, Maine. After moving to Denver, Gus began working with local teachers and schools, developing "Leadership" Electives for Denver County. Once starting out, we noticed a large need for Social and Emotional Learning curriculum that is more flexible and personalized than what some larger providers were offering. As we all know, each school, each class, and each child have their own distinct personalities and challenges. When working on something as personal as our social and emotional skills, it seemed necessary to adapt each group's curriculum to meet them WHERE THEY ARE. By using our active, unique programming we challenge and encourage students to take positive risks, check-in on themselves, develop healthy decision-making strategies, improve communication skills, and use their critical thinking, empathy, and courage in a way that a district or state-wide curriculum can't compare to.  

Since then, we have developed after-school clubs, relationship and community building programs, PE add-ons, teacher trainings, and a host of other unique offerings for over 30 schools in the state of Colorado. In addition, we run a summer camp in New Jersey, implementing our SEL programming outside through real-life adventures (Roosevelt Adventures). We have gotten tremendous feedback that our style and approach brings a different level of experience and impact to teachers, students, and school culture.

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