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The Leadership Learning Classroom offers a variety of programs that are tailored and customized to your individual group goals and needs.

Programs and service, which take place at your school or community, that we offer include but are not limited to:

Teacher and Kids in Library

Daily Electives

Focusing on Leadership and Teambuilding our electives work with students 1 to 2 times/week for a semester diving into all aspects of our curriculum

After School Clubs

Active and introspective clubs that take place outside when possible, scheduled each semester as well as a la carte style. Remote clubs also available.

Children Playing in Park

Larger Community Building Programs

We work with you to develop a curriculum around your school's specific goals and needs, introducing concepts and tools to students and teachers at the start of your year, and then returning periodically with scheduled check-ins. Both pre- and post-day meetings with educators are encouraged in order to maximize the successful managing of goals and expectations.

SEL Curriculum Consulting

Original spiderweb style curriculum layouts and creative class designs highlight our ability to find the right style curriculum to fit your individual group or school.

Young Businesswomen
Group Discussion

Educator Professional Development

1 to 2 day programs helping educators with student-teacher relationships, managing their own challenges, and adding a bundle of SEL tools to their toolbox

Were you interested in something slightly different than described? Contact Us! Most of our programs are unique to the school's schedule, culture, and goals!

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