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The Leadership Learning Classroom

Areas of specialization:
Leadership – Teambuilding – Communication Strategies – Appropriate Risk Taking – Critical Thinking Skills Goal Setting – Self- Reflection – Empathy – Resilience - Community Awareness/Mapping – Anti Bullying School Climate and Culture

Now Offering Adventure Leadership Clubs and Sessions
for Schools and Families!

The Adventure Leadership Clubs and Sessions are programs offered by the Leadership Learning Classroom that are available to schools for after school programs, in-school adventures, and to individual families across the united states. Run remotely by one of our educators, sessions are focused on using teambuilding and the outdoors to help us become the greatest leaders we can be, by figuring out how to best work with others AND work with ourselves.


Every club meeting you will be challenged to think, feel, and act, by taking you climbing up a mountain or biking through the desert, by playing weird games and solving problems with your classmates, by thinking about yourself and thinking about the people around you. We hope you accept the challenge to come join us on our quest to become the best leaders we can be!


Every time you join us for a club you will get to:


  • Solve Something- Figure out as a group how to get off a desert island, see if you can teach alien how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, work on teambuilding and communications skills by problem solving and setting group goals.

  • Do something- Work on how to be a leader. For your community, for your friends, for your family. We will figure out a problem, a need, someone that could use some help, and then we’ll do it.

  • Feel something- If you could relive any day of your life, which one would it be? Why did you pick that one? Check in with yourself, and your goals, and see if we can pick up some help from our friends who do things differently.

  • Go somewhere- Join one of our educators as they paddle down a canyon river, ski through a valley, or find a natural hot spring! Along the way we’ll figure out what flowers those were along the river, use a map to find out which mountains we can see, and might even ask for your help to make sure they get home safe!

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